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Remarkable Stringed Instruments

Founded in the late 1980s, Breedlove Guitars is known for their team of passionate, innovated builders of outstanding stringed instruments. You'll find a great selection of instruments from Breedlove here at Wolfe Guitars. Breedlove's master craftsmen create distinctive, high-end acoustic guitars, mandolins, basses and ukuleles. 

Contemporary Designs

Wolfe Guitars carries a large selection of both USA Crafted and Import models. These unique instruments feature exclusive design elements such as contemporary body shapes, handcrafted necks, the Breedlove bridge truss system, exotic tonewoods and stunning inlays. From entry-level guitars to instruments for experts, Breedlove may be the perfect brand for you.

Crafting a Great Reputation

Over the decades, Wolfe Guitars has built a stellar reputation in the Palm Beach County region due to our expertise and competitive pricing. We aim to cater to a more diverse clientele of music enthusiasts than your average chain store. All our products come from smaller manufacturers. You won't find instruments from the "big four" (Gibson, Fender, Martin and Taylor) because we enjoy working with American-made products that offer you a truly different experience. 
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"Love this place! Professional, knowledgeable and super kind staff. Love my Breedlove guitar from there! Graham set it up so sweet for my of charge. Lovin it! Someone pinch I dreaming? Thanks again Wolfe Guitars!"

Bryce R. via Facebook
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