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Based in Kalamazoo, MI, Heritage Guitars has made unique instruments since 1984. At Wolfe Guitars, we are proud to have been the world's largest Heritage dealer for the last 28 years. Heritage is owned and operated by some of the most experienced guitar makers out there. Several of their craftsmen began making guitars in the 1950s and are still making similar instruments today, but without using an assembly line, thus letting them take the time necessary to create a truly wonderful guitar.

Unique, American-Made Guitars in Many Types and Styles

Heritage makes a wide range of well-made guitars played by professionals, hobbyists and part-time musicians. While their specialty is solid carved archtops, they also make fine laminated archtops, semi-hollow bodies and solid body guitars. Because both Wolfe Guitars and Heritage carefully control any overhead and other costs, these instruments are offered at surprisingly affordable prices.

Customization Available

Custom features are available for many Heritage models. At Wolfe Guitars, we keep over 250 Heritages in stock, which shortens the waiting period for any customization. Many of our popular Heritage guitars come with custom features such as a floating pickup or dual top-routed pickups. Custom price-protected orders are also encouraged, as they give you some design input into the creation of your dream guitar. Also, check out our Facebook group dedicated to Heritage custom guitars!
Heritage Guitar

A Great Selection Always in Stock

Our owner-operated store also stocks Kenny Burrell, Golden Eagles, Super Eagles, Sweet 16's and Eagle Classics with either dual humbuckers, single humbuckers or a floating #3 pickup. The experts at Wolfe Guitars are always happy to help you find the perfect guitar that suits you best.
"Love this place! If you're in South Florida and feel the need to visit a real, actual musician-oriented guitar shop...look no further. Businesses like this are a real treasure and getting harder to find every day. Support them!"

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